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LG WCP-300 is world's smallest wireless charger

It's not just wireless Ultra HD transmission LG has been showing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: it's also demonstrating the world's smallest wireless charger.

Measuring just 6.9cm across, the LG WCP-300 works with a standard micro-USB charger, and has a charging area 1.7x larger than the company's previous device.

It uses electromagnetic induction to charge compatible devices, such as the LG Spectrum 2 and Nexus, both of which are set-up for wireless charging, or other devices fitted with special covers to enable the facility.

It's Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, so will work with any device conforming to the Qi standard.

LG's mobile communications boss Jong-seok Park says that 'Wireless charging is the holy grail of smartphone user convenience: with the WCP-300, LG was able to deliver both portability with top-class charging capabilities in a device no larger than a typical drinks coaster.'

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