CES 2021: LG unveils G1, C1 and B1 4K OLED TV ranges

LG unveils its flagship G1 and C1 OLED TVs at CES 2021
(Image credit: LG)

LG has unveiled its next generation of top-tier TVs at CES 2021, with OLED very much remaining the flagship technology in the Korean company's TV offering.

Say hello to the LG G1 and C1 OLED TV ranges, which span seven panel sizes and offer more gaming features than anywhere else, meaning plenty of choice for OLED TV buyers this year.

The C1 series OLED TVs come in the same 48in, 55in, 65in and 77in panel sizes as before, with the addition of a 83in variant for 2021. They're 4K, as are the G1 OLEDs which come in 55in, 65in and 77in. While the 48in model was introduced last year as the new smallest size of OLED available, it seems LG is going even smaller this year with the development of a 42in OLED panel – although it doesn't appear in the G1 or C1 OLED line-up (yet anyway).

Those looking to head up to 8K, meanwhile, will want LG's Signature Z1 series TVs, available in 77in or an 88in. Until now LG's 8K OLED sets have been at something of a premium. We won't know how consumer-friendly this year's will be until pricing is announced, but needless to say anything 'Signature series' usually means eye-watering price tags.

And while the company is yet to reveal many details, it has confirmed its customary, 'step-down' B-series OLED TV range in the shape of the LG B1 series. As for the recently announced LG QNED MiniLED TVs, these are positioned just below the 2021 OLEDs.

LG unveils its flagship G1 and C1 OLED TVs at CES 2021

(Image credit: LG)

Of the two ranges of premium OLED sets announced today, it's the G1 that is the headline stealer. They are the only models to come fitted with LG's OLED evo panel – the pinnacle of LG's panel engineering for the year. Previously, the more affordable C series have been given OLED evo panels too, but not this time around. The 2021 LG OLED evo panels contain a new luminous element that promises higher brightness, clarity, detail and punch.

If you'd rather not wall-mount or have to put up with a TV table, then you'll be pleased to note that LG has launched a separately sold, attractive-looking, three-legged Gallery stand for the G1 OLED to add a little home decor elegance to its top-end sets, too.

Both G1 and C1 OLEDs are powered by the new 'Gen 4' version of LG’s Alpha 9 (a9) processor, which brings a scene detection system to the party as well as an improvement to the Object Enhancement feature. Both enable the TV to quickly identify the important elements within each frame and adjust brightness in those areas for a better exposed image. Although unconfirmed, it's likely that the B1 will feature the Gen 3 processor from 2020.

Gamers have plenty to smile about, too. LG partnered with Xbox and Nvidia so that its G1, C1, Z1 and B1 OLEDs could be fitted with G-Sync anti-tearing, stuttering and juddering technology, as well as AMD's FreeSync Premium equivalent. HDMI 2.1 features such as VRR are also correct and present. LG will also be the first brand to have the Google Stadia app available on its TVs in the US, UK and much of Europe.

All of these gaming modes and settings will be available for tinkering through LG's Game Optimizer panel to make sure you're getting the best experience. These include motion smoothing, input delay, game genre selection, fine tuning of light levels, blue light reduction, AI Sound modes and low latency controls.

LG unveils its flagship G1 and C1 OLED TVs at CES 2021

(Image credit: LG)

For LG's AI Sound Pro system, the highlights are Auto Volume Leveling (which works to ensure the sound levels are the same when switching between sources) and the up-mixing of stereo and 5.1-channel audio to a virtualised, multi-dimensional and height-inclusive 5.1.2-channel effect.

One step beneath LG's OLED TVs come the LG QNED MiniLEDs, as previously announced, which marry both NanoCell and quantum dot technologies with Mini LED backlight control. There will also be some plain NanoCell TVs, too, which will come with many of the gaming features, including the Google Stadia app, in addition to non-NanoCell LCD TVs for the budget end of the market.

As previously reported, LG's TV UI for the year is webOS 6.0, which comes with a usability facelift with results similar to the Google TV platform found on recent Chromecast devices. There are also updates to the LG Magic Remote control.


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