LG confirms 2020 4K OLED TV line-up, includes all-new 48-inch model

LG confirms 2020 OLED TV line-up, includes all-new 48-inch model
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LG has unveiled its new range of OLED TVs for 2020. There will be 14 TVs in total including an all-new 48-in model and a brand new ultra-thin G10 Gallery Series. LG's Wallpaper range of OLED TVs returns with the WX line, while LG also confirmed that its 65in rollable 4K OLED (65RX) would go on sale in 2020 too.

Your entry-level LG OLED TV ranges for 2020 are the BX and CX series, both of which include 55in, 65in and 77in models, But the big news is that you'll also have the option of a 48in OLED in 2020. Named OLED48CX, it will be the first time such a screen size has been on the market, and we're already sure it's going to be a big seller, price permitting.

The GX range replaces 2019's E9 series and features 55in, 65in and 77in models, with the 65in set measuring in at just 20mm thick. Each LG G10 OLED TV comes with its own dedicated wall mount, which allows the set to sit completely flush with the wall. There's no external input box – all your cables are fed through a recessed area on the rear of the TV.

All of LG's new OLEDs will support the UHD Alliance's Filmmaker Mode, which claims to deliver content as it was intended to be seen by turning off all unnecessary picture processing including motion smoothing.

There's no news on pricing as yet, but we'll be adding to this story over the coming hours.


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  • What Hi-Fi? said:
    LG has confirmed its OLED TV line-up for 2020 and it includes an all-new screen and ultra-thin Gallery Series

    LG confirms 2020 OLED TV line-up, includes all-new 48-inch model : Read more
    Great news about the 48-inch OLED TV and hopefully it will be relatively cheap too. The G Series is interesting me, I will have to keep an eye out for that model.
  • robertcmort
    Does anyone know when either the lg or sony 48" oled tv's will be on sale in the uk?