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LG brings a dash of panache to small LCD TVs

Not all flatscreen TVs have to be enormous, as this stylish new 20in model from LG proves.

It's part of the Korean firm's designer range, available in four different designs. Shown here is the 20in LG LS3R with its so-called 'Fantasy' styling, featuring a curved, glowing red pedestal.

The other three models are the 22in LS4R, 19in LS4R and 17in LS5R. All are HD-Ready, have a PC input, 16:9 screen and analogue tuner.

What's more, the 22, 20 and 19in models incorporate LG's XD Engine Image Processor, designed to improve picture brightness, colour and contrast.

All four models go on sale this month. Prices are still to be confirmed.

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