Here's a clever slab of convergence technology: a home cinema system complete with a Freeview+ PVR and a 160GB HDD – you can call it the LG HRT403DA

Sometimes less can be more – take the number of boxes you want cluttering up your front room. For some people and places, a 5.1 system just isn't feasible and a selection of AV electronics units aren't welcome.

LG's latest cinema system looks to solve this by providing a whole wealth of functionality in just one system. For starters, it's a '3.1' home cinema in a box system, with two front speakers, a centre channel and a sub.

As well as 400 watts of power amplification, you'll also find a 5.1 'virtual sound matrix' for, well, virtual surround sound.

The DVD recorder has an HDMI output, 1080p upscaling and claims compatibility with 'all DVD discs' and DivX movies. There's also room for USB and DV inputs.

And of course there's that Freeview+ functionality, incorporating a 160GB HDD, pause and rewind TV, series link recording and an eight day EPG.

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Expect to see the LG HRT403DA on sale for around £500.