LG 88Z9 8K OLED TV will cost $29,997... to start with

LG 8K 88Z9 OLED TV costs $29,997

Earlier this week LG announced that its highly-anticipated 88in 8K OLED TV would start shipping in South Korea soon, with US and other markets to follow in Q3 (between July and September, then). 

Details of pricing was missing, though, which gave way to speculation. We heard early reports of $34,000 and $42,000 figures, but the reality appears to be very slightly less jaw-dropping.

Today, Value Electronics- one of LG's authorised dealers in the US - has listed the OLED88Z9PUA as $29,997 and "coming very soon!" The price is supposedly an early-bird deal for early adopters, due to go up a few thousand pounds after June.

That's still ludicrously expensive for a TV of course, especially considering Samsung's QE85Q900R 85in 8K QLED TV and the Sony KD-85ZG9 8K TV are around half that price. But hey, knowing LG's spectacular recent track record in recent years, we wouldn't be bowled over if, somehow, it proved to be worth the premium.


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