IsoTek Syncro
New mains cable will "synchronise" your mains supply and filter out contaminants such as RFI and EMI, its maker claims

This is no mere mains cable. Oh no. The Isotek Syncro incorporates some clever electronics that "further enhance audio performance", the company claims.

The electronics are housed in an anti-resonant aluminium case positioned part way down the cable. The circuitry is designed "to synchronise the mains supply in order to promote a perfectly symmetrical sine wave, delivering significant sonic improvements when used with any hi-fi separates system", says IsoTek.

Although the Syncro can be used on its own to power a single hi-fi component, it's mainly intended as a "pre-filter" device to be used in conjunction with an IsoTek mains conditioning unit.

The cable itself is identical to IsoTek's top-of-the-range Extreme power cable. It has heavy-gauge, triple-screened, 20Amp oxygen-free copper conductors suitable for high-current demands, coupled to high-quality connectors at either end.

The mains plug and IEC connector are precision machined from high-purity copper, plated in 24 carat gold, while the main body is made of injection-moulded polycarbonate.

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The IsoTek Syncro goes on sale in April for £875.

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