ISOL-8 introduces a trio of power conditioning components for high-end systems


Described as a "21st century solution to audiophile power conditioning", the systems are designed to optimise the power supply to your kit and minimise interference.

Mind you, your kit will definitely need to be of the high-end variety as these boxes don't come cheap:

SubStation LC low current power conditioner £1899

SubStation HC high current power conditioner £1999

SubStation Axis DC blocker £1399 (coming soon)

The modular nature if their design means you can start with, say a SubStation LC to power all your sources, then add an HC unit to power an integrated amp or power amps. Users of mono power amps can even add one HC unit per monobloc, if they have the funds.

Hand-made in the UK, and housed within milled aluminium casework, all SubStation products come with a five-year guarantee. Start saving now.

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