Harman Kardon GLA-55
These extraordinary looking 'crystal skull' active speakers from Harman Kardon are one of the highlights of IFA so far

A show stand that took 2m Euros and six weeks to build was bound to be impressive, but Harman Kardon's hall of goodies houses some of the hottest hi-fi and AV products at IFA – none more striking than its new GLA-55 (glass, geddit?) active desktop speakers.

The GLA-55 speakers, looking eerily similar to the alien noggins in Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull, will be available in limited numbers (only 2-3000 pairs worldwide) from October, priced at £500.

It took 11 months to perfect the manufacturing process alone, to ensure the crystal looks seamless, but these aren't meant to just be a style statement (or, thankfully, alien mind probe).

The speakers – which will hook up to your computer, iPod or anything else with a 3.5mm output  – feature digital amplification (56 watts per satellite), DSP equalisation, and patented CMMD tweeters and Atlas drivers.

They also boast touch-sensitive volume controls, a subwoofer output and a chrome base. Each GLA-55 speaker measures 14x27cm and weighs 1.2Kg.

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Sadly, we didn't get to hear the GLA-55s in action, but Harman promises a "serious near-field monitor performance". We'll be putting that claim to the test when we review a pair shortly...

Harman and its sister companies – including JBL, Infinity, AKG – have saved a ton of new product launches for the IFA show, so we'll be bringing you more news later: from hi-fi separates to high-end headphones, via a brand-new Blu-ray player and the first AV receivers to feature Dolby Volume sound-equalisation technology.