Film and TV streaming service has announced the launch of its new Smart TV app, which will let subscribers watch content in Ultra HD 4K for the first time. It also comes with a brand new interface.

In partnership with a number of smart TV manufacturers, 4K content from Wuaki.TV will be available on selected models by the end of the year in both Spain and UK – along with France, Germany and Italy. CTO Jordi Miró said: "[Offering 4K content] reflects two of our biggest objectives; to stand out in the market with superior technology, and to offer our viewers the most satisfying movie experience."

Of course, becomes the latest 4K streamer – following Netflix and Amazon.

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In addition to the launch of 4K content, has refreshed its app for smart TVs that includes a new interface that is brings together the features of interactive TV and the performance of the smart TVs.

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Features include a streamlined e-commerce system; an ability to search through the different streaming  options offered by the service; and a new recommendation facility that is based on your user profile.

Chief design officer Roger Bretos said: "We have been working hard to come up with this innovative interface that really matches our user’s requirements. The new UI enhances the user’s experience, is easy to use, and visually pleasant."

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