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Flexson has taken to the showfloor at IFA 2014 in Berlin to announce the launch of VinylPlay, a new digital record player aimed at the "music streaming generation" and designed for simple 'plug 'n' play' connection to a Sonos multiroom system.

Not only will the turntable be able to play your 33/45rpm records through your Sonos speakers around the home, it can also be used with powered speakers as part of a non-Sonos music system and will make digital, back-up copies of your most valuable records.

The launch of VinylPlay has been motivated by the resurgence in vinyl over recent years; in fact, last year saw more records sold than any year since 1991 – and that's a figure set to grow by a further 40 per cent in 2014.

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VinylPlay houses an integrated analogue-to-digital converter that Flexson says makes it easy to hook up to modern systems, from active or powered speakers to AV systems and Sonos multiroom systems, as well as computers.

There's a built-in phono stage and existing Sonos owners can connect the turntable directly to a Sonos Play:5 or Sonos Connect using the cables supplied. A minijack connection and simple guide for connecting to your Sonos system are included in the package.

It's expected that VinylPlay will start shipping later this month, but is available to pre-order direct from Flexson, Amazon and other retailers. It's thought that you'll have to part with £329 to get your hands on one on these shores.

Flexson sales and marketing manager David Cain said: "Until now, digital turntables have either been cheap USB decks that sound poor and can ruin your records or audiophile turntables that are typically pricey, fiddly to set up and look out of place in a modern home.

"We set out to design something better: a digital, Sonos-friendly turntable that offers superb sound quality, but is easy to use and easy on the eye."

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The_Lhc's picture

I don't quite see how it

I don't quite see how it "pairs" with Sonos, beyond having an analogue output that you can plug into the Sonos devices that feature a line-in? You can do this with any TT and phono stage already (I've been doing it for some time).

Virginia Lloyd's picture

SONOS speakers are wireless -

Being that SONOS speakers are wireless, maybe no line-in will be necessary? Perhaps the turn table has built-in wi-fi capabilities?

Andy Clough's picture

Flexson turntable

It has a phono stage built in and can connect directly into a Sonos Play:5 or Connect using the supplied cables.

dennislindridge's picture

Flexson vinyl play

I didn't go the sonos route (Cambridge 5.1 for tv and Cambridge go for wireless speakers but would like to rip some of my vinyl. My roxan xerxes doesn't do digital. Do I connect this to a laptop? It would be great if it had a built in ripper. I 'play' spotify through my hifi via a Sony bm10 Bluetooth receiver.

Ketan Bharadia's picture

Ripping vinyl

Hello, you can use your Roksan Xerxes. Just connect it into a phono stage such as the USB equipped Rega Fono Mini A2D (£85). The phono stage connects to your computer. You'll need some recording software - Audacity  (available for free) should work. As long as you've got a moving magnet cartridge there shouldn't be an issue.