Klipsch Image S5i
New models include first on-ear design, the Image One, go-anywhere Image S5i and multicoloured Image S3

Klipsch is adding new headphones here at IFA, expanding its range with its first on-ear design, a ruggedised in-ear package with water-resistance and oversize control buttons, and a cute, affordable model available in gunmetal grey, red, green and pink.

The Image One is designed for listeners who prefer their music on, rather than in, their ears. Selling for £130, it uses leather and high-density memory foam for its ear-pads, giving a comfortable fit and good passive noise isolation. The ear-cups also fold for stowage in the carrying case provided.

The cable is thicker to avoid tangling, and includes an omnidirectional microphone with echo cancellation and three-button remote, making the Image One suitable for use with iPhones, where it can be used to make and receive calls, as well as iPods.

The Image One will be available in November.

Image S5i will also arrive in November, at £110. It's a 'ruggedised' in-ear design, with moisture-proof earbuds and a rubberised remote/microphone with oversized buttons for use with gloved hands.

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Again that thicker cable is used to keep tangles at bay, and Klipsch says its patented oval ear-tips ensure a better fit, improving noise-exclusion and making the buds secure in the user's ears.

Klipsch says the Image S5i is 'perfect for runners, skaters and other athletic types'.

Completing the new launch line-up is the £39 Image S3, available in those four colours and using a 5.8mm moving-coil micro speaker with controlled damping to enhance sound quality.

It comes with three types of ear-tip – medium and large single-flange and a small/medium dual-flange – and will hit the shops next month.

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