Canton GLE 490
Range update includes refresh of Karat, Chrono and GLE Series, plus new subwoofers and 5.1 speaker packages

Canton, the German speaker company, has unveiled a staggering 40 new products here at IFA including an entire refresh of its Karat, Chrono and GLE Series.

There's also a whole new range of subwoofers and improvements across the 5.1 surround sound packages too.

Implementing trickle-down technology from the Reference range, the new Karat Series has been completely revamped. New Karat SeriesThe floorstanding models – 790.2 DC (£2,399.99) and 770.2 DC (£1899.99) – come with new cabinet designs that are shorter and deeper than the outgoing models yet retain the same slim front profile.

Improvements include acoustic tuning based on the company's Reference range crossover design and implementation of the wave roll surround and motor assemblies to the bass drive units.

The 720.2 DC (£749.99) stand-mount and 755.2 DC Centre (£499.99) complete the series line up using the same crossover and drive unit technology.

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All Karat models are available in white, titanium or black high gloss finishes.Midrange Chrono SL SeriesThe mid-priced Chrono SL Series speaker range now comes with with chrome design features and high-gloss finishes.

The Chrono SL570 (£1299.99) is a new floorstanding speaker that adds room friendly dimensions and a 2.5, two-way design to the already established Chrono SL Series. A new driver arrangement improves off-axis response, the company claims.

Next comes the Chrono with three floorstanders  – 509.2 DC (£1299.99), 508.2 DC (£1049.99) and 507.2 (£899.99) – two standmounts, the 503.2 (£599.99) and 502.2 (£499.99), a 505.2 Centre (£299.99) and an on-wall speaker, the 501.2 (£399.99).

Using elements of Chrono SL technology in a more affordable cabinet, the all new floorstanding 508.2 DC incorporates Canton's downward firing port for better output efficiency and less audible distortion, says Canton.

All products are available in white or black vinyl cabinets with high gloss finished baffles.

Entry-level GLE SeriesFinally comes the GLE Series, Canton's entry-level performance speaker range. With Reference level wave surround driver technology and new crossover designs, the GLE series has had a "total acoustic makeover".

There are two floorstanding models  – 490.2 (£799.99) and 470.2 (£649.99) – plus two stand-mount models, the 430.2 (£399.99) and 420.2 (£349.99), a 455.2 Centre (£249.99) and on-wall model, the 410.2 (£279.99) which have all been tuned to work as well for stereo playback as for home cinema.

All GLE models are available in white, mocca/white, nut/white, beach/white, silver or black matt vinyl cabinets.

And for those who want cinema sound without lots of speakers, Canton has introduced the DM8 soundbar with 100W amplification, improved bass performance, three analogue inputs and a subwoofer output.

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