Hurd launches a beer and vinyl subscription service

The first beer was made probably around 7000 years ago in Iran. Vinyl records started to appear only in the 1930s. Now, in 2016, these two fantastic ideas have finally been brought together.

Music website Hurd is offering a subscription service in which members will receive a limited edition 7in vinyl of an upcoming artist, a "digital mixtape" so you can download the songs, four beverages, and its in-house magazine.

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If you're not a beer fan, there's also the option to pair the vinyl with local ciders, or you can mix and match. Of course, for those that don't want any alcohol, you could subscribe for the records only, at a reduced rate.

Each month will feature a specicial-edition coloured press of the vinyl, the first of which is Trudy & the Romance's new single My Baby’s Gone Away.

The subscription is £18 per month, or £8 per month if you forgo the drinks.

If you're not a fan of the hop (in a beverage rather than a '50s dance sense), there is a wine alternative from Stylus Vinyl (although why they didn't call it 'Winyl' is beyond us).

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