Humax launches new Freesat Freetime box with built-in wi-fi

Humax has released its latest satellite recording box, the HDR-1100S, featuring Freesat's Freetime EPG, built-in wi-fi and a smarter design.

It's the third generation of Humax and Freesat's set-top boxes, with the previous HDR-1000S winning our 2013 What Hi-Fi? Award for Best Freesat recorder.

The set-top box features the subscription-free Freetime service, which boasts more than 200 channels and the ability to catch up with shows from the past seven days.

The HDR-1100S is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB hard-disk capacities. Humax reports an estimated 300, 600 and 1200 hours of standard-definition recording for each size respectively.

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New to the HDR-1100S range is built-in wi-fi, which will be available across all sizes. Previously, the Humax box was ethernet-only, but the addition of wi-fi means you can stream content stored on NAS boxes or other storage devices.

The box has also had a bit of a redesign. It's a slightly smaller and sleeker design than the older model, the front panel display has been swapped in favour of a subtle LED that glows different colours for different functions, and all three versions come in black or white finishes.

Prices are as follows: £190 (500GB), £220 (1TB) and £270 (2TB).

Freetime's smart-looking and easy to use EPG remains, as does access to plenty of UK catch-up and on-demand services.

Freetime currently offers most of the big hitters - BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Channel 4, Demand 5 - as well as Curzon Home Cinema, YouTube, and BBC Sports. There will be an update next month to add more services.

In terms of connections, the HDR-1100S has two satellite tuners, and HDMI, line level and optical outputs. There are two USB ports for playing various media files, and a standard ethernet port.

The Humax box includes a standard remote control, but you can also scroll through the EPG and record shows remotely using the Freesat App (free for iOS and Android).

"With the ever-increasing consumer demand for the connected home, there was an absolute necessity to incorporate wi-fi within the new Humax Freesat Freetime family," says Graham North, Commercial Director of Humax. "The new box adds even more appeal to the popular Freetime service, allowing great streaming and on-demand content to be easily accessible."

The Humax HDR-1100S is available now at all major retailers.

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