Denon AVR-1910
Richer Sounds is offering discounts on selected Sony, Onkyo, Denon and Pioneer AV receivers in its clearance sale

Looking for a bargain on a new multichannel receiver? Richer Sounds is offering its VIP customers discounts on selected Sony, Onkyo, Denon and Pioneer models.

The Award-winning Denon AVR-1910 is available for £329.95 (we gave it five stars at £450), and the Denon AVR-1610 for £229.95.

If that's still above your budget, deals on the last remaining Onkyo TX-SR307 and TX-SR507 are even keener, at £149.95 and £179.95 respectively, and the Onkyo TX-SR606 is on sale for £199.95 (black).

Or maybe you fancy a Pioneer VSX-1019, yours for £449.95, or a half-price Sony STR-DG820 at £149.95.

Need some speakers to go with your amp? Then there's a Yamaha NSP-270 5.1 package for £69.95, a Harman Kardon HKTS7 set-up for £199.95 and KEF KHT2005.3 in silver for £399.95.

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These and many more details are available on the Richer Sounds website.

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