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If you fancy treating your ears to some seriously high-end hi-fi kit, then head over to the Guildford Audio Show in April.

Distributor Absolute Sounds has teamed up with Guildford Audio to bring many of its top hi-fi brands to the Best Western Plus Reading Moat Hotel in Berkshire over the weekend of April 18th-19th.

Among the exhibits will be an exclusive first UK showing of one of our Stars of CES 2015, the Dan D'Agostino MLife amplifier/streamer (shown above). We first saw this amazing piece of kit in Las Vegas back in January, delivering 200W into 8ohms, and capable of handling both AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth streams.

It can also play music from the Tidal streaming service, in CD-quality, and can handle high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. The price is a whopping $48,000 in the US.

Other highlights will include: Request Audio's 'The Beast' audio server; a selection of components from Wadia Digital; the first UK demo of Sabrina, an 'entry-level' speaker from Wilson Audio; and the GSPre/GS150 pre/power amp combo from Audio Research.

Although the show closes at 5pm on Saturday, there'll be a special event later that evening with listening sessions in two of the rooms. One room will feature Sonus faber's 24k gold leaf, special edition Lilium floorstanding speakers, driven by a Constellation Inspiration preamp/monobloc combo with Request Audio's 'The Beast' serving up the music.

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In the second room visitors will be able to hear Sonus faber's Extrema Anniversary speakers, powered by the aforementioned Dan D'Agostino MLife. Only 30 pairs of these speakers were produced in 2014.

Parking and entry to the show is free of charge, and it will be open from 10am-5pm on the Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sunday.


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Worth the price?

I am a fan of Dan d'Agostino and have two of his amplifiers from the Krell era, a KAV-300iL integrated in my UK house and a Evolution 2250e power amp in my French house and very good they are too. However they were nowhere near the stratospheric price of the MLife. I am not sure at that price, I would not rather buy Boulder and have more power and flexibility for the same price, including a CD player or indeed stick with Krell. Having gone through a slightly "iffy" patch after the private equity take over (putting it nicely), Krell seem to be back on track. Krell are again making products, that even through gritted teeth, Dan would probably have to agree, are fully up to the old standards.