Viewers have complained about the picture quality of the existing BT Sport HD channel following the launch of the UK's first 4K TV channel, BT Sport Ultra HD.

While the launch of an Ultra HD TV channel is obviously good news for those of us hungry for higher resolution video content, it seems not everyone has been feeling the benefit.

A number of BT Sport viewers took to social media to complain about the quality of the BT Sport HD channel - many of whom wondered whether the launch of BT Sport Ultra HD had caused a drop in picture quality.

BT Sport Ultra HD launched with the broadcast of the Community Shield, the traditional English football season opener, on Sunday 2nd August, and then showed the first Premier League match of the season, Manchester United vs. Tottenham, in Ultra HD on Sunday 9th.

Premier League and Champions League football, Premiership rugby and MotoGP are all set to feature on BT's 4K channel later this year.  

We were watching the BT Sport HD channel - on Sky, for the record - and didn't see any noticeable drop in performance, but a number of viewers seem convinced they did.

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A number of users also posted on the BT Community Forums complaining about the HD quality. One user, bmitie, said: "Sort out the HD channel first, i.e. put it equal to or better than Sky, then move on to Ultra HD. HD for Man U game was awful..."

We asked BT for a comment and were told: "BT can confirm there have not been any changes to the way BT Sport HD is broadcast since the launch of BT Sport Ultra HD."

Have you noticed any change in the BT Sport HD quality? Let us know in the comments below.

In related news, BT has also been reprimanded by Ofcom for "unfair contract terms", which saw some users complain that they were charged an extra cost for BT Sport that they hadn't previously agreed, following a change in the BT Sport Pack pricing.

Any customer that's unhappy with the charge now has four weeks to request a "no quibble" refund of any charges. See the Ofcom site for more details.

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Graham Luke's picture

Well dodgy...

Up to their old tricks, eh?

They've always tried to give you as little as possible whilst extracting as much as possible.

chebby's picture

Obvious ploy. It'll make more

Obvious ploy. It'll make more customers buy the 'Ultra HD' service.

daveh75's picture

Would be interesting to know

Would be interesting to know what platforms those that are complaining are watching on.

I've not experienced any drop in PQ via either YV or Sky.

I sincerely doubt its a ploy to push the UHD channel, but even it was then it would only really make sense on YV/BT TV...

hifiman2008's picture

Well let's think. Sky won't

Well let's think. Sky won't do full HD due to band with issues. So BT ultra on sky must take up loads of band with so something has to give. Sky re encoded HD channels years ago to accommodate extra channels and some of their HD channels look poor now. Atlantic HD is very poor. They said nothing had changed but later admitted using a different "format" for encoding. For the record BBC did the same

daveh75's picture

The UHD channel isn't


The UHD channel isn't available on Sky.

Sky have always used DVB-S2/MPEG4 and stat-muxed, on HD channels and certainly didn't change encoding formats.

Whereas the BBC have transitioned from DVB-S/MPEG2 CBR, to DVB-S2/MPEG4 VBR, and then stat-muxing over the years.

hifiman2008's picture

I take the BT uhd not being

I take the BT uhd not being on board and thanks you. But in 2013 sky admitted having to reconfigured to allow 1 more HD channel per transponder. They said although bitrate would reduce new methods of encoding would mean quality would be unaffected. But clearly it did which is why if you ring and moan about quality you will get HD discounted

Tropi's picture

Situation normal - screw the customers as hard as they can

ANYONE who has a financial interest in promoting UHD 2160 will undoubtedly take the easy option of both denigrating and degrading HD 1080 and HD 720. It's utterly unprincipled, absolutely unscrupulous, but it's what those organisations do.

In general terms there is no doubt whatsoever that even BBC HD, or much of it, is now inferior video quality compared with a few years ago. If you have a bunch of older recorded programs, you don't have to rely on your memory or your eyes - the reduction in file size for a given time slot is blatantly  obvious.

Zombie's picture

gulible customers only

Shhh.... you are not meant to remember.  We only want dumb as wood customers please. smiley