Focal and Ubisoft team up for bank-breaking gold headphones

Focal is known, in part, for making some mind-bogglingly expensive headphones. Its Utopia, with the addition of some diamonds and a lot of gold from French jeweller Tournaire, are the most expensive headphones ever made.

And now you can get a version that makes you feel like an assassin.

Specifically, an assassin from Ubisoft's new Assassin's Creed Origins game. They cost €50,000 (approximately £44,000) per pair and have 18-carat gold decal on the sides.

Of course, you'll need somewhere to place these lavish cans, so why not on the head of the protagonist for the new game? That'll set you back another €10,000. If you're around Paris, you can see it in the, er, metal. The headphones are currently mounted and displayed (on demand) at Tournaire’s boutique in Paris.

For those that need their fix of Ubisoft-brand headphones without taking out a mortgage, there are also 2,222 versions of the Focal Listen wireless headphones (pictured right) available from Ubisoft's store. They're priced at a more modest £200.


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