Fire TV deal: save $350 on Amazon's huge 75-inch Omni Series 4K flatscreen

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Amazon isn't just a retailer, it makes a whole slew of products, too, like Amazon Fire TVs. They're designed to be value-packed flatscreens, and with Amazon's massive 75-inch 4K Fire TV on sale for just $749, it could be a tough TV deal to pass up.

Amazon's Fire TV Omni Series offers 4K resolution, Dolby Vision support, Alexa integration, HDR, and a whole slew of smart functionality that lets you access all your favorite apps and services on your TV. At just $749, you'll struggle to find another 75-inch TV with the same features for a similar price.

Amazon 75-inch 4K Fire TV deal


Amazon 75-inch Omni Series Fire TV $1099 $749 at Amazon (save $350)

This massive 75-inch TV looks great for the price and bundles in features like Alexa integration, tons of smart functionality, and HDR support. Customer reviews seem positive too.

TV prices scale with size, and 75-inch is up there with some of the biggest you can buy, so panels this size can quickly be expensive, especially if you want excellent image quality.

We haven't reviewed the Fire TV Omni Series, but according to customer reviews, these TVs have solid picture quality for LED panels even if they have to do without fancier features like local dimming. They've also been praised for above-average sound quality and plenty of smart functionality.

You might not be getting a top-of-the-line set, but you're getting a huge TV that's should be good for gaming thanks to generally low latency, a solid viewing experience, and a ton of features. It could be the perfect fit for a room that doesn't see daily use or for anybody on a budget that appreciates a big screen.

If you're in the market for a big, cheap 4K TV with HDR you can play games on, consider checking out this deal on Amazon's 75-inch Fire 4K TV before it's too late.


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