Elac reveals new active AM 200 speakers

The active monitor features built-in amplification, gain controls and a selector switch to allow users to fine-tune the sound for the room it's used in, and its position within it (say close to a wall).

The Elac AM 200 features a JET 5 tweeter and aluminium sandwich woofer, powered by newly designed 80W Class A/B amplifiers. It can be used as a traditional monitor, paired with streaming and music servers, or connected to other source components.

For hooking up external devices, the AM 200 is equipped with an RCA socket, a 3.5mm jack and an XLR input, as well as single optical and coaxial digital inputs which can handle hi-res audio signals up to 192kHz.

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On the back of the speaker are two dials, one of which is a three-level gain control (to match the speaker to the output voltage of the source component), while the other is a selector switch which allows you to "tailor the sound" to the room. These settings include 'Midfield', 'On Wall', 'Linear', 'Nearfield', and 'Console'.

There's also a "daisy-chain function", which allows digital signals to pass from one speaker to another AM 200 speaker.

Elac says the AM 200 will be available from selected retailers in November for £530.

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