Denon unveils eight-strong headphone range

Denon has unveiled a new eight-strong headphone range, with four distinct 'lifestyle' groups with associated apps for iOS and Android.

Models include the £1000 flagship AH-D7100 version (above) with Denon's 5cm 'Free edge nano drivers', real mahogany wood ear cups, memory foam earpads, detachable cable and a ball-and-socket design for a more comfortable fit.

Arriving in September are the £400 AH-NCW500 noise-cancelling headphones (below) with aptX Bluetooth, rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours), control wheel and microphone for iPhone/iPad and Bluetooth devices, and leather travel case.

Prices and details fo the rest of the range wll be released in due course, says Denon.

The four headphone lifestyle groups break down as follows:

Music Maniac – for the traditional audiophile with a focus on sound quality

Urban Raver – targeted at the younger music enthusiast who listens to 'contemporary genres of music' with the sound tuned for deep, taut bass

Globe Cruiser – aimed at the frequent traveller

Exercise Freak – yes, you guessed it, for sports enthusiasts

Each headphone category gets its own, dedicated lifestyle app, available from the App Store or Google Play:

Denon Audio app – for use with the Music Maniac headphones, it allows users to customise EQ and EQ presets. There's an integrated audio player for playback of music stored on an iPhone or iPod Touch, allows instant playlist creation directly from the app and offers access to internet radio via Tunin.

Denon Club app – for use with the Urban River models, it allows easy updating of social media on Facebook and Twitter, and offers the ability to look up lyrics of favourite songs as well as sharing artist information.

Denon Travel app – offers instant access to the users' most frequently used travel apps. for use with the Denon Globe Crusier headphones.

Denon Sport app – created in conjunction with MapMyFitness, it includes GPS tracking for outdoor activities with instant access to Facebook and Twitter.

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