Damson S-Series is a wireless Dolby Atmos speaker system

We'll be the first to admit it: when we first saw a picture (the one above, actually) of Damson's wireless Dolby Atmos package, it wasn't what we expected – nothing like the impressively proportioned traditional speaker packages, like Focal's recently announced Sib Evo, now incorporating Atmos.

Still, if you're limited on room and budget but want a more extensive Atmos surround sound experience than those offered by Atmos-enabled soundbars (the Sony HT-ST5000, for example), this is certainly one way to get it in your living room. And without the clutter of cables too? Bonus.

The S-Bar soundbar, S-Woofer sub, two S-Cube speakers and the S-Atmos speaker are all powered by Damson’s wireless network, JetStreamNet, which allows users to connect up to eight speakers together (providing they’re within a 50m range of each other).

The 35-watt S-Cube speakers, which you’d likely use as rear channels, have an eight-hour battery life when listening at 70% volume, and feature a 3.5mm input and Bluetooth connectivity.

The S-Woofer matches its counterpart's connections and adds twin HDMI sockets, while the 100-watt S-Atmos speaker simply docks onto the compact soundbar.

Diddy in proportions, determined in performance? Damson sure hopes so.


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