This £129 smart Roku TV could be the ideal bedroom telly

Could this £129 Roku TV be the ideal bedroom telly?
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If you're looking for an affordable small TV for a second room, this new Roku set could be the one for you. It's part of RCA's first range of TVs to launch in the UK, all models of which run Roku's smart operating system, giving them access to thousands of apps and streaming services.

RCA (Radio Corporation of America) has been in business for over 100 years, having started in 1919 as a reorganisation of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America. It subsequently bought the Victor Talking Machine Company, which was then the world's largest manufacturer of both records and phonographs, and also created the technology used in the first colour TVs (renamed as NTSC). In TV circles, then, RCA is kind of a big deal.

The TVs in this new RCA range are eminently wallet-friendly, none more so than the HD 32-inch model which costs just £129.99. The larger sets are still very reasonably priced for their specification – there's a 40-inch FHD model for £169.99 and a 4K 55-incher for £269.99. They're all available at Amazon today.

The Roku smart operating system is the jewel in their crown. This brings access to global streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ for those with subscriptions, alongside local (and free) favourites such as Freeview Play, BBC iPlayer and All 4. Plenty more video, music and utility apps are available, as is The Roku Channel – home of the recent Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which stars Daniel Radcliffe and has received pretty good reviews.

Roku's OS also brings a customisable home screen and universal search function which orders results by price. It supports the Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants and is compatible with AirPlay 2 wireless tech for one-touch casting from an iOS device.

TVs with the Roku OS integrated are also made by Hisense, TCL and Metz, though the RCA sets are all made in the company's factory in South Wales.

Buy an RCA Roku TV and you can get 30 days' free Discovery+ when you activate your account, too.


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