Chord Chameleon changes colour for new Plus version

They're coming over all lyrical at The Chord Company: we're told that 'As the seasons move, in one month, from Spring to Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer, Chord has launched the new ChameleonPlus interconnect. Like the Summer sky, ChameleonPlus is brilliant blue.'

Ye-e-es… Anyway, the new cable replaces the company's Chameleon SilverPlus, and is said to offer 'improved dynamics, greater detail over a wider frequency range and a remarkably precise stereo image'.

The cable uses the same conductor layout as the company's very upmarket Indigo Plus, with a single set of multistrand silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors carrying the signal, with two sets of identical conductors carrying the signal return.

Foil and oxygen-free copper complete the shielding, which is covered with soft PVC, natural fibre damping and a hard PVC outer jacket.

This configuration also allows the cable to be supplied either as a conventional phono-terminated version, or fully-balanced with XLR plugs.

A 1m pair of ChameleonPlus with phono plugs is £125, with a 1m XLR-terminated pair at £150. The cable is available in a range of stock lengths, with custom lengths and terminations available to order.

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