CES 2015: Woox Innovations expands Philips Fidelio AV product range

Gibson Brands completed its purchase of Woox Innovations from Royal Philips in a deal thought to be worth $135m (£88.7m) last June – with TEAC, TASCAM and more already part of the portfolio.

A number of new audio products are making their debut at this year's show – including its first high-end soundbase. Meanwhile, new Fidelio-branded headphones are being given their first outing.

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With soundbases among the largest home cinema growth areas in recent months, two new models sporting the Philips name are being introduced at CES 2015 as 3.1 products with subwoofers.

The first is the "ultra-slim, glass-topped" Fidelio XS1 (above) – the first soundbase in the Fidelio range, and a 3.1-channel system with front and side firing drivers, a wireless subwoofer and aptX Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, the 3.1-channel Philips HTL5130 is the second new soundbase and comes with Woox Innovations' WaveFlector technology; a dedicated centre channel; and in-built subwoofer on board.

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CES 2015 is also the stage for the successor to the Fidelio HTL9100 to make an appearance in the form of the Fidelio B5 soundbar, as well as the 5.1-channel HTL7140 with wireless subwoofer.

Elsewhere, the Philips Zenit cinema speaker systems (above) are being launched in Las Vegas – designed to "provide the highest quality sound output from your entertainment sources".

There are two versions: the CSS5330, which includes a centre speaker, two satellite speakers and wireless subwoofer, and the CSS5530 – a 5.1-channel system with two additional rear speakers.

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Last but by no means least are the new headphones, which include the Fidelio M2Ls (above) - the first from Philips that are able to connect direct to an iOS device courtesy of their Lightning connector.

Not only that, but the Fidelio M2Ls are "kicking off a revolution in high-res audio for headphones" – complete with a 24-bit DAC and amplification within the cans themselves.

One further addition to the Fidelio range are the F1 headphones, which incorporate an "acoustic, closed-back" design in an attempt to keep ambient noise out while listening to your music.

Meanwhile on the headphone front, the SHQ1300; SHQ2300; SHQ3300 and SHQ4300 expand the Philips ActionFit Sport range with four individual designs that will suit your workout preference.

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