CES 2013: House of Marley aims for sustainability with new headphones and Bluetooth speakers

There's a whole new range of accessories on show from House of Marley here at CES 2013, including some Bluetooth-enabled speakers and products made using a new 'upcycled' material called Rewind.

Headphones feature strongly as you'd expect, with the range now comprising:

• Rise-Up over-ear headphones $160

• Harambe on-ear headphones $60

• Buffalo Soldier on-ear headphones $100

• Riddim on-ear headphones $160

• Legend in-ear headphones $200

• Liberate on-ear headphones $100 (available Q3 2013)

The Rise-Up headphones are made from the new Rewind fabric, recyclable aluminium and canvas. Rewind is composed of reclaimed hemp and organic cotton, combined with the fibres of recycled PET water bottles, and is finished using water-based dyes and a biodegradable TPU coating.

"When we started, we made a promise and a commitment to our planet and our Marley fans... to create personal audio and lifestyle products that reflect our commitment to a global movement, and expresses our love of music, craft, the planet and people," says Marley.

Joining the new headphone range is the Marley portable audio line-up of Bluetooth speakers: Bag of Riddim $400, Chant $100, Roots Rock $200 and Get Together $200.

There are also two Marley home audio Bluetooth systems, the $350 Get Up Stand Up and $800 One Foundation Premium Digital audio system with AirPlay.

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Andy Clough

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