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CEDIA NEWS: Upmarket pre/power amps boost Mark Levinson range

Mark Levinson Nº433 power amp

There's big demand in the US for serious high-end kit, and Mark Levinson has made its name at the top-end of the market.

It's expanding its 400 series of power amplifiers with the new Nº433 model, a triple-mono, 200-watt design.

There are large, independent power supplies for each channel, and the unit is entirely convection cooled, so does not need fans.

In addition, the company claims that a balanced voltage-gain circuit allows the Nº433 to generate more precise signals with lower noise.

Also new is the dual-mono Nº326S stereo preamp, based on the Nº320S model. Its circuitboard is made of a special material, Arlon 25, which is claimed to give the new model an even more open and detailed sound.

Inside the single-chassis design, the audio circuit, control and power supply sections are separated by physical layout as well as a steel shield box to prevent electrostatic and magnetic interference.

All audio channels use separate power supplies, communication and audio circuits. For even greater channel isolation, the Nº326S can deactivate unused inputs to prevent interference from associated components.

Prices for both products will be confirmed shortly.

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