CEDIA EXPO 2011: Sunfire SubRosa world-first flat sub

Doesn't look much like a subwoofer, does it? But here's the Sunfire SubRosa - claimed to be the world's first flat-panel bass box, serving up 2700W of power in a cabinet measuring just 9.5cm thick.

OK, so it relies on a separate amplifier box - pictured right - but that allows the SubRosa to be wall-mounted, or even installed into a wall or popped under your sofa.

Sunfire's patented StillBass Anti-Shake technology enables the SubRosa to produce prodigious quantities of bass without the movement you'd expect from a sub of this power.

The company's audio designer, Bob Carver, turned to Newton's Third Law of motion to tackle the problem; the SubRosa uses an actuator that moves in opposition to the woofer to cancel out almost all mechanical vibrations.

The Sunfire uses twin 10in bass drivers, with that accompanying amp - or in Sunfire parlance 'an external 2700 Watt Tracking Downconverter' - featuring flexible crossover, phase and level controls, which enables it to potentially suit a lot of different set-ups.

The SubRosa's versatiliy is further boosted by balanced XLR, RCA and speaker-level inputs, plus auto set-up and room correction via an included microphone.

Sunfire has also launched a new, 1400W compact subwoofer - the Atmos (above), which will be available this side of Christmas.

"Now, customers who were wary of powerful subwoofers disturbing the décor of a room can have their bass and hide it, too.," the company proclaims.

As you can see from the picture above, the Atmos - essentially a 10in cube - is exceptionally compact for a sub of this power. Sunfire claims to have used technologies gleaned from industries as diverse as space exploration to tyre development to enable the Atmos to kick out so much bass from such a small box.

We're trying to track down UK pricing and availability for both products - and would love to review them both, too. Watch this space...

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