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The Cubed Series replaces the Squared Series and is said to bring “significant performance improvements” over its predecessor.

The new range is aimed at hi-fi, home cinema and professional audio systems, and will be rolled out in the coming months in the UK. The first two models to arrive will be the Bryston 4B3, a 300-watt stereo amp, and the 7B3, a 600-watt mono machine. 

Both amps come sporting balanced and unbalanced inputs, and use convection cooling with no moving parts. 4B3 owners will be able to bridge their amp to create a seriously powerful mono amplifier.

Bryston has also fitted both models with its own proprietary super-linear, low noise input buffer, plus a new RF and audio frequency noise filtering circuit. Bryston says these design tweaks will allow the amps to deliver a more spacious and clear sound.

They're redesigned on the outside, too, sporting a milled aluminium front panel. It will come in black as standard, with silver available to order. Prices are TBC.

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