BRISTOL SHOW: Update on the Anthem D2v AV processor

Anthem D2v

We outlined some of the basic specs in our original story, to which we can now add the following.

The Anthem D2v has the latest Sigma Designs VXP "broadcast quality" digital video processing, Deep Colour support via HDMI, eight HDMI 1.3c inputs, two HDMI 1.3c outputs, Dolby Volume and a 7.1 PCM input at 24-bits/192kHz.

In addition, two dual audio DSP engines of Anthem's own design allow decoding of the new Dolby and DTS high-definition audio codecs.

The D2v is designed to partner the matching P5 multichannel amplifier, and you can hear both in action here at the Bristol Show in the SIM2 room, in the Executive Lounge.