BRISTOL SHOW 2013: Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated leads range of hybrid amplifiers

Peachtree Audio has launched a new range of multi-talented integrated amplifiers, complete with dedicated DACs, headphone amps and even valve amplification.

The Decco 65 is the entry-level model, yours for £750, and combining 'four products in one', a hybrid tube amp, ESS Sabre 24/192 DAC, headphone amp and 65-watt, class D channel amplifier.

There's an asynchronous computer USB input, too, capable of handling 24-bit/192kHz digital music files.

The tube or valve amp section can be turned on and off with a touch of a button on the remote, allowing you to easily add a little trademark valve warmth to the sound.

Available in gloss black for £749, or in cherry or rose wood finishes for £799.

The Nova 125 offers a simpilar specification but with 125 watts per channel of power. The Nova 125 is priced at £1250 in black or £1350 in rose wood or cherry.

Step up to the flagship Grand Integrated and you get an ESS Sabre32 9018 DAC, a 32-bit DAC. There's also a Home Theatre Bypass button should you want to separate off a 2-channel section to work alongside a multichannel home cinema amp.

Cosmetically there's an aluminium faceplate half an inch thick, and a dimmable array of LEDs on the front.

Available in a silver finish, the Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated is £3500 and on sale now.

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Joe Cox
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