chevy volt
New audio system for Chevy Volt electric car weighs less, is smaller and much more power-efficient

US audio company Bose has got on board the forthcoming Chevy Volt hybrid electric car, developing an entertainment system so light and efficient it's said by carmaker GM to be the equivalent of shaving almost 25kg off the weight of the vehicle.

The Energy Efficient Series audio set-up will use 50% less energy than previous Bose car systems, is 30% smaller and 40% lighter. Details of the technology are scarce at the moment, but it's said to use Class D switching amplifiers and new high-efficiency 'motor force' speakers.

“We believe the Energy Efficient Series offers a combination of efficiency and performance previously unattainable from an automotive sound system,” said Brandon Westley, president of Bose Automotive Systems.

GM added that the estimated energy savings the system allow "results in increased all-electric drive capability equivalent to removing up to 50 pounds of mass”.

The Volt, which is due to be launched late next year, is powered by electricity stored in a lithium-ion battery pack. That gives it a range of 40 miles, beyond which a small 'engine generator' provides more power - sufficient for several hundred miles' more motoring.

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