Blue Horizon delivers trio of sound-enhancing accessories

Blue Horizon accessories

It's introducing a trio fo hi-fi accessories, two aimed at turntable owners and the other for speakers with spikes.

The Blue Horizon record mat is made from a composite of India rubber, cork and leather, designed to keep the record firmly in place while it plays and reduce resonance.

Its dual-layer design makes it easy to adjust to different record thicknesses: use the first layer only for audiophile-grade vinyl, and both layers for standard records. It's all yours for £64.95.

To help ensure your record player's platter is absolutely level, Blue Horizon has developed the ProLevel 'bubble level', costing £94.95.

Most such devices just sit on the platter like a spirit level, but the ProLevel slips over the spindle and grips it using a patented clamping mechanism. This ensures absolute accuracy when setting the horizontal level of the turntable, according to Blue Horizon.

The third item in the trio is the Blue Horizon Spike Shoe, designed to sit beneath the spikes on floorstanding speakers. As well as protecting the floor, it's claimed they improve the sonic performance of the speakers too by suppressing unwanted resonance.

A set of four Spike Shoes will cost you £24.95. All items are available in the UK from selected dealers listed on the Sound Fowndations website.

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