A round-up of news and reviews to have graced What Hi-Fi? this week – featuring products and services from the BBC, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos and more

This week Sonos announced a fix for the BBC audio issue that's plagued its products this year, Motorola unveiled a new shatterproof flagship smartphone in the X Force and Amazon announced it will be raising the prices for its LoveFilm disc rental service.

Elsewhere we had lots of reviews for you to read. B&W's Zeppellin Wireless speaker returned with a bang, Sonos's Play:5 proved even better than it's predecessor and Philips's Fidelio X2 turned out to be another super headphone from the company.

And last but by no means least, the latest issue of What Hi-Fi? is on sale and it's something of biggie. Our 2015 Awards issue features 104 winning products across 26 different categories and it's not to be missed.

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Sonos announces BBC Radio fix, reveals podcast plans

Earlier this year the BBC made changes to the way it streamed audio over the Internet, causing issues for several manufacturers. Sonos was one of them and it has now announced steps to fix the problem.

Sonos's products will soon be able to support the BBC's preferred high-quality audio format of HLS, allowing access to the BBC's complete suite of news, sport, talk show and music programmes.

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Moto X Force is Motorola’s new shatterproof flagship phone

Motorola has unveiled a new flagship smartphone in the form of the Moto X Force.

Not to be confused as a tie-in with the upcoming Star Wars film, the name refers to how much effort will be required to break the phone's screen which Motorola claims is the world's first shatterproof display.

You'll have to pay £499 for the 32GB base model and £534 for the larger 64GB version. The Moto X Force will be available to buy in mid-November.

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LoveFilm By Post prices to rise by up to 400%

In a move that's been met with some criticism, Amazon has revamped the prices for its LoveFilm By Post service with some subscriptions jumping up by as much as 400%.

Regardless of whether you're on a one, two, three or four disc subscription all prices will rise, but it won't happen straightaway. The changes ony take effect from February 2016.

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"The Zeppelin Wireless keeps the range’s legacy alive, combining a highly accomplished sound with greater functionality"

B&W Zeppelin Wireless

It's been a while since we last saw a new Zeppelin speaker from B&W. But the wait is now over - the iconic-looking wireless speaker is back, and it means business.

While the design hasn't changed, the design helps contibute to its wide, sweeping sound that captures all the finer details and textures. It's a highly accomplished sound.

For any music fan who wants excellent sound from their wireless speaker, the Zeppelin Wireless is a fantastic choice.

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"There’s no doubt that the new Play:5 succeeds in completely overshadowing its predecessor"

Sonos Play:5

Six years after the first iteration there's now a new Play:5 in town, and as we've come to expect from Sonos, it's a class-leading effort.

The speaker now has greater flexibility when it comes to placement (vertical or horizontal) and a sealed box design that augments the Play:5's rich and powerful sound. This is a speaker that has no problem going loud.

It boasts a energetic sound that's full of clarity and refinement, and with bass improved too. The fact it's a huge improvement over it's predecessor means the Play:5 is a great buy.

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"If you’re looking for unrivalled comfort and an eye-pleasing design to boot, there’s none better."

Philips Fidelio X2

We liked Philips' X1 headphones a lot when they came out, and the new X2s have carried on that tradition of great design married with a smooth sound.

The audio performance is the highlight. Spacious and smooth, it's everything we've come to expect from Philips.

You won't be disappointed if you splah out on these cans.

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