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An update on the hugely popular Sonos One model, the five-star Sonos Era 100 has wowed us with its large, open and detailed stereo sound, not to mention its vast streaming arsenal and simple-to-use app. The Era 100 remains one of the best wireless speakers we've tested this year, and we'd happily recommend it to anyone in the market for a speaker this Christmas.

It's also much cheaper than its older sibling, the Sonos Era 300. We tested the Era 100 at £249, and despite it being around for just over half a year, we're starting to see prices come down a little. Recent sales events have let that RRP fall significantly, so we're hoping that Sonos will be happy to let the Era 100 go for less and less in the coming months.  

With prices prone to change as often as the British weather, it's worth saving this page if you're keen on the Era 100 but don't want to pay full whack to grab one. 

Of all the wireless smart speakers that we tested in 2023, the Sonos Era 100 definitely ranks amongst the finest. Conceived as a successor to the excellent Sonos One (released in 2019), the Era 100 now boasts stereo audio, a redesigned interface and build, while still remaining compact and offering a raft of streaming features.

To take it to the next level, the Era 100 has taken everything we liked about the Sonos One and developed it even further. Audio-wise, it's a crisp, detailed and musical operator, yet it's the spaciousness and breadth, not to mention depth, of the sound, that blows you away. The sonic spread you get from what is still a fairly compact speaker is really impressive, while the delivery is powerful and assertive rather than disparate and thin.

It's also a ton of fun to play with and incredibly easy to operate. The Sonos control app is where the speaker’s multitude of functions and features are unlocked, with the silky smooth Sonos S2 platform making the whole experience a joy. All the major streaming services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal etc.) are supported, while the app itself is a doddle to operate. For anyone looking to get to grips with the Sonos ecosystem, the Era 100 is both a great addition to your collection and a fine place to get started.

Voice control comes via Alexa or Sonos' own voice control for playback, while AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, are all on board. There's no spatial audio support unlike that found on the Era 300, but that's hardly a deal breaker when you consider the 100's price, sound and form factor. It can't do everything, after all.

If you've been eyeing up the Sonos Era 100 and are looking for an excuse (and the perfect price drop) to jump in, keep your eyes peeled and this page saved.


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