After a nice new stereo pair? In need of a portable option? We've tracked down the best deals on some of the best speakers aound. Highlights include more than £300 off a pair of KEF Q500s and £170 off Q Acoustics' Q-BT3 desktop favourites...

Speakers are another crucial element in your music chain, whether you're listening to a traditional stereo pair or a single wireless unit. Finding the ideal solution can be tricky, of course - and we're here to help you shorten that shortlist. We've rounded up the best deals around on some of our favourites (and a few others for good measure).

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Best hi-fi speaker deals

KEF Q500

Original price £700 / Now £389 at Peter Tyson - saving over £310

Grab yourself a huge saving on these KEF floorstanders.


PSB Imagine X1T

Tested at £750 / Now £499 at Sevenoaks - saving over £250

A little pair of floorstanders with plenty of energy. 


KEF Q100

Original price £400 / Now £229 at Peter Tyson - saving over £170

These affordable KEF bookshelf speakers are now available at a very eye-catching price.


Elac Debut B5

Original price £250 / Now £169 at Audible Fidelity  - saving over £80

Some real expertise on display here, with an eloquent midrange, good timing and fine integration.


Mission LX-2

Original price £160 / Now £128 at Amazon - saving over £30

Mission possible! These 2017 speakers are among the most entertaining budget options out there


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Best wireless speaker deals

Q Acoustics Q-BT3

Tested at £350 / Now £179 at Peter Tyson (red or white) - saving over £170

If you're looking to boost the sound of your TV or desktop set-up, the Q-BT3s are well worth a listen at this price.


B&O BeoPlay A6

Tested at £800 / Now £729 at Amazon - saving over £70

A superb, space-saving one-box system.



Tested at £300 / Now £240 at Amazon - saving £60

The competition might have moved on since the Muo's 2015 Award win, but it's still a great performer - especially at this price.


B&O BeoPlay A1

Tested at £200 / Now £170 at Amazon - saving £30

A detailed and solid-sounding wireless speaker that brings the luxury of B&O to the budget price bracket.


Audio Pro Addon T5

Original price £200 / Now £180 at Amazon - saving £20

Another five-star Audio Pro speaker, this one delivers mighty bang for your buck.


Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Original price £80 / Now £55 at Amazon - saving £25

The Roll 2 features everything that made the original such a favourite, and more.


JBL Charge 3

Original price £150 / Now £135 at JBL  - saving £15

This portable wireless speaker is built to cope in the outdoors.



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