Whether you're after a stereo pair or a portable option to blast tunes wirelessly from your phone, we've got the best speaker deals around.

You can have the best hi-fi kit in the world, but without a decent pair of speakers, you're never going to achieve sonic nirvana.

These are some of the best speakers you can buy - both stereo hi-fi pairs and wireless models - and they all come with a few pennies off our 'tested at' price. So if you're on the hunt for a bargain, or just want to see what's available for your money, there should be something on our list for you.

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Best hi-fi speaker deals

KEF Q500

Original price £700 / Now £429 at Peter Tyson - saving over £270

These KEF floorstanders might be getting on, but they now come with a massive discount.


PSB Imagine X1T

Tested at £750 / Now £499 at Sevenoaks - saving over £250

The X1Ts have plenty of energy - and a saving of over £250 should put a spring in your step. 


Elac Debut B5

Original price £250 / Now £220 at Amazon - saving £30

These affordable Elac standmounters display an eloquent midrange, good timing and fine integration.


Mission LX-2

Original price £160 / Now £133 at Amazon - saving over £25

If you're looking for an entertaining pair of speakers that won't break the bank, these Missions are for you.


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Best wireless speaker deals

Q Acoustics Q-BT3

Tested at £350 / Now £179 at Sevenoaks - saving over £170

With a saving of almost half their original price, the Q-BT3s are well worth a listen.


Audio Pro Addon T5

Original price £200 / Now £165 at Amazon - saving £35

Another five-star Audio Pro speaker, this one delivers great sound-per-pound performance.


B&O BeoPlay A1

Tested at £200 / Now £174 at Amazon - saving over £25

Think B&O speakers cost the Earth? Think again.


JBL Flip 4

Tested at £120 / Now £99 at various retailers

A waterproof wireless speaker with good features, decent sound and not too shabby discount.



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