We know you want a new amp, or music streamer, or turntable - or any other piece of hi-f equipment. We're here to make sure you don't pay more than you have to.

Today's deals include the Lenco L-175 turntable, Arcam Solo Music streamer, Astell & Kern AK Jr portable music player and plenty more besides.

Building a whole system? Have a peep at our best speaker deals, and you're sure to find the very thing you need to complete your set-up.

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Best turntable deals

Lenco L-175

Tested at £400 / Now £179.97 at Currys PC World - saving over £220

This digital deck only delivers average sound for its RRP of £400, but at this price we can be a fair bit more forgiving.


Flexson VinylPlay

Tested at £250 / Now £199.90 at Amazon - saving over £50

Want to dip your toe into the vinyl waters? This is the ideal deck. It's compatible with Sonos too, so you can play tunes wirelessly to every room of the house.


Sony PS-HX500

Original price £369 / Now £275 at various retailers - saving over £90

This turntable can rip vinyl to hi-res files, so you can digitise your record collection.


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Best amplifier deals

Roksan K3

Original price £1250 / Now £1000 at Audible Fidelity - saving over £250


An excellent all-rounder that not only delivers big sound, energy and texture in spades.


Marantz PM6006

Tested at £400 / Now £268.75 at Amazon - saving over £130

This budget amplifier comes with a hefty saving, making it even more of a steal.


Arcam FMJ A29

Original price £995 / Now £849 at Sevenoaks and Hifix - saving over £145

An winning combination of muscle and refinement.

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Best system deals

Denon D-M40 DAB

Tested at £349 / Now £164.90 (without speakers) at Peter Tyson and Sevenoaks- saving over £80

Pair this with either the Q Acoustics 3020 or Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers, and it'll sing.


Yamaha CRX-N470D

Tested at £350 / Now £269 at Amazon - saving £80

This mini hi-fi is a looker, plus it puts in a detailed performance.


Best portable music player deals

Astell & Kern AK Jr 

Original price £399 / Now £203.69 at eGlobal Central - saving over £195

With a saving of over £180, this Award-winning hi-res music player is more tempting than ever. 


Pioneer XDP-100R

Original price £399 / Now £271.59 at eGlobal Central - saving over £120

The storage potential isn't the only thing that's massive about this hi-res music player - it comes with a huge discount, too.


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Best streamer deals

Arcam Solo Music

Tested at £1500 / Now £1299 at Sevenoaks - saving over £200

Our best all-in-one music system of last year now comes with a whopping £200 saving.


Pioneer N-50A

Tested at £500 / Now £349 at Sevenoaks - saving over £150

The N-50A is a talented performer, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


Onkyo TX-8150

Tested at £550 / Now £489 at Amazon - saving over £60

This network streamer-cum-amp-cum-DAC was already a bargain at its original price, so now it's even better value.



Best DAC deals

Arcam MusicBoost S

Tested at £99 / Now £89 at Amazon - saving £10

A tenner off this handy DAC and battery charger that's built into an iPhone 6 case.

Best CD player deals

Marantz CD6006

Tested at £400 / Now £279 at various retailers - saving over £120

There's over £120 to be saved on this quality CD player.


Arcam CDS27

Tested at £800 / Now £699 at Sevenoaks and Amazon - saving over £100

The CDS27 is simple to use and delivers bags of detail, especially for this money.




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Little bit misleading...

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The Best In Black Friday Deals?

Is it true that the only retailers shown on your Black Friday Deals Page are the ones who regularly advertise with What Hi-Fi?  In other words, this page is not an unbiased, genuine round up of the marketplace, because you won't be showing deals that come from retailers who don't advertise with you?  If so, then shouldn't you be more honest and transparent with your readers?

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That's not true, no.

Hope that clears that up.

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Really. Some of these "deals" are silly. Pennies off. Black Friday is meant to be huge discounts. Not £25 of £550 streamer. Its just what HiFi pushing advertising partners.

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Why, just why?

Most of these aren't deals they are now the standard price. Secondly anyone who has internet access just types into google the product they are after and gets the same results.

Stop wasting your time WHF and write something remotely interesting concerning audio and visual. It's becoming a bit of a joke your front page - it's lazy and makes you guys look like a alternative shop front for all these businesses.

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Deals and discounts

We are a consumer buying guide, which means highlighting offers and discounts to our readers is part of our remit (we do the same on WhatCar? and our other brands too). Given how popular those pages are, and the level of traffic they generate, clearly a lot of our readers find them useful.