New BeoSound DB9 is tailored for the 190mph sports car, and available for both Coupe and Volante models

New from Bang & Olufsen is its latest system, the BeoSound DB9. But as the name suggests, you can only have it if you're about to order an Aston Martin DB9 Coupe or Volante – the B&O system has been custom-designed for the 190mph performance car.

It follows on from the Danish company's original package for the Aston Martin DBS, launched last year, and uses a similar combination of digital signal processing, ICEPower digital amplification and acoustic lens speakers.

That means twin tweeters rising from either side of the dashboard when the system is turned on, using Acoustic Lens Technology to give 180-degree dispersion of treble sounds and creating what the company describes as "an improved sense of space, staging and realism regardless of location in the car".

The acoustic lens drivers are part of a package comprising no fewer than 13 speakers: five midrange units, three further tweeters and three woofers, including a  20cm subwoofer mounted beneath the rear bench.

The system has been tuned for the car, and B&O says it "stage-manages the musical performance of the thirteen individual loudspeakers for the optimal in-car listening experience.

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"The DSP also provides dynamic modelling that adapts automatically to changing road and noise conditions, enabling the occupants to concentrate on an engaging driving and listening experience.

"The BeoSound DB9 fitted to the DB9 Volante has been developed to suit the different acoustic characteristics of the convertible, whether open or closed."

The system is now available as a factory order option.