That's a wrap! The Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 in Sydney ran Apr 28-30

Tickets for the 2023 Australian Hi-Fi Show are now on sale!
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And that's it for the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 in Sydney! The show ran from Friday, April 28 to Sunday, April 30 at the Novotel Sydney Central hotel and gave Aussie AV and hi-fi enthusiasts the opportunity to see and hear the latest and greatest kit from all around the world.


Tickets for our Sydney 2023 show are now on sale via Ticketebo. 

There's 1-, 2- and 3-day passes on offer to suit any kind of schedule, and discounts available for pensioners and students.

Adult - AU$40
Pensioner - AU$30
Student/Concession - AU$20

Adult - AU$30
Pensioner - AU$22.50
Student/Concession - AU$15

Adult - AU$20
Pensioner - AU$15.50
Student/Concession - AU$10

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Brought to you by Australian Hi-Fi, What Hi-Fi? and Sound+Image magazines, the brand-new show was a three-day celebration of the hi-fi and AV industries, with 40 exhibitors displaying and demoing a wide range of kit from over 100 reputable brands.

And if your ears (or chequebooks) were exhausted, the dedicated teams behind the three magazines that bring you the latest equipment reviews, news and features all year round were on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

Here's when the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 was open:

Friday, April 28 – 2pm to 8pm
Saturday, April 29 – 10am to 6pm
Sunday, April 30 – 10am to 4pm

The event took place across four floors at the 4.5-star boutique Novotel Sydney Central hotel, located right in the heart of the city in Thomas Street, Haymarket.

Tickets are on sale now - head here to secure yours!

Tickets could also be purchased at the door.

Show floorplan

Full exhibitors list (alphabetical)

Hi End Audio

Brands represented by Hi End Audio
Audio Solutions
Merging Technologies
EMM Labs
Vyda Laboratories
VooDoo Cable
Silent Angel
Akiko Audio

What's on display
Hi End Audio's comprehensive portfolio features some of the very best in high-end hi-fi from around the world, with internationally famed audio brands Magico, Boulder and Silent Angel among the many jewels in its very ornate crown. Expect a sublime showcase of stereo sound inside the walls of Room 18, with demo kit to be confirmed very soon.

Where? Room 18


Audio Magic

What's on display
Melbourne-based Audio Magic won't be short of hi-fi gear to show off at this year's Australian Hi-Fi Show, being the Aussie distributor for Ayre Acoustics, Aqua Acoustic, Bauer Audio, Bergmann, Copland, Enleum, Harbeth, Hana, Kudos, Lavardin, Lumin, Rogers, Tellurium Q, Titanic Audio and TonTrager. Expect a fine display and demonstration of Audio Magic's diverse catalogue through the hi-fi system chain.

Where? Room 21


Audio Marketing/Revival Audio

Brands represented by Audio Marketing
Musical Fidelity
Revival Audio

What's on display
Distributor Audio Marketing’s brands from around the world have a collectively rich heritage and world-renowned status in high-end audio. France's new-kid-on-the-block Revival Audio has already impressed us with its Atalante 3 loudspeakers; Britain’s Musical Fidelity represents the best of analogue and digital audio; Japan’s Stax exploits electrostatic technology to produce some of the world’s best headphones; Triangle continues to make waves with its ‘Made in France’ loudspeakers; and Germany’s Inakustiks is one of the most discerning luxury cable makers you’ll come across.

Where? Room 2



Brands represented by Avation
Vivid Audio

What's on display
Vivid Audio speakers – designed by Laurence Dickie, the designer of the famed Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speaker – will be armed with its out-of-this-world Giya and Kaya models. "Almost every part and component of each Vivid Audio loudspeaker is unique and not to be found in any other loudspeaker," says the company, so the show will be a great chance to hear some of the most extraordinarily distinctive speakers on the planet. Reavon will be present to whet the appetite of any movie fan who dreams of having their own home cinema, too, with its well-reviewed trio of 4K HDR Blu-ray players ready to take for a spin.

Where? Ground Floor - Elizabeth Bay Room


Bertrand Audio

Brands represented by Bertrand Audio
Lowther Loudspeakers
Canary Audio
KR Audio
AER Loudspeakers
Thor Technologies

What's on display
The Australia and New Zealand distributor's eclectic hi-fi and home cinema portfolio is not short of specialist global brands, including heritage British speaker brand Lowther, German high-end speaker firm AER Loudspeakers, and Czech Republic vacuum specialist KR Audio. Stereo performance will undoubtedly be in high order in room 6.

Where? Room 6

Website: (new website coming soon)

Bowers & Wilkins

What's on display
In addition to occupying the Port Jackson Room on level one of the show with its various audio brands, Sound United will also have a second room exclusively displaying and demoing Bowers & Wilkins speakers, which will likely be driven by Classe electronics. Fingers crossed we get a look and listen to the British company's latest 700 Series speaker range, which packs many of the same cutting-edge Diamond technologies found in B&W's flagship 800 Series.

Where? Room 12


Decibel Hi Fi

Brands represented by Decibel Hi Fi
Icon Audio
Ohm Acoustics
Origin Live
Keith Monks

What's on display
It's an exciting time for Decibel Hi Fi, which is not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of its webstore but also launching an Australian-made version of the Ohm Acoustics omnidirectional speakers. The first model, the W2000AU speakers (AU$4950 a pair), are now completed and will be winging their way down from Brisbane to the show next April, where they will be demonstrated with Icon Audio amplifiers and an Origin Live turntable.

Where? Room 1


GrooveWorks & Pure Audio

Brands represented by GrooveWorks & Pure Audio
Telos Audio Design
Tidal Audio

What's on display
In the words of GrooveWorks, you can expect to hear a very refined and natural presentation from a system comprising components and accessories manufactured by two of the world’s most innovative high-end audio companies, Tidal Audio from Germany and Telos Audio Design from Taiwan.

You will hear Telos Audio Design’s Enchanting Music Player (EMP) hard-drive streaming player as a source, with Tidal Audio’s Prisma Preamplifier and Intra Power Amplifier driving Vimberg’s Amea speakers. Also being showcased is the importance of clean power and effective grounding to the achievement of realistic high-end sound, with system grounding demonstrated by Telos’ state-of-the-art Earth Grounding Monster.

Where? Room 11



What's on display
Hisense will be lighting up the show with its unmissable L9G 4K TriChroma Laser TV, demonstrating what such a living room-friendly projection/screen combo is capable of when it can deliver a 120-inch image showing over one billion colours and an eye-popping, daylight-friendly brightness of 3,000 lumens.

Where? Level 1 - Bennelong Point Room


Indie Hi-Fi

Brands represented by Indie Hi-Fi
AGD Productions
Feliks Audio
Spatial Audio Lab
Warwick Acoustics
ZMF Headphones + more

What's on display
Indie Hi-Fi proclaims it is 'all about the head-fi', so it makes sense that the Aussie dealer will be running the Australian Hi-Fi show's HEADFI+ Area. Expect some of the best there is in personal listening from Indie Hi-Fi's catalogue, which includes state-of-the-art headphones from Warwick Acoustics, RAAL-requisite and ZMF Headphones, high-end amplification from Feliks Audio, AGD Productions and ampsandsound, and more!

Where? Executive Boardroom and Kirribilli Room Lower Ground Floor


Krispy Audio

Brands represented by Krispy Audio
Bespoke Audio Co
Little Fwend
Trafomatic Audio
Vermouth Audio
VPI Industries

Where: Room 21


Kyron Audio / Halcro

What's on display
Now, this is going to be pretty special. Two of Australia’s highest-end hi-fi brands will be joining forces to present an unprecedented supersystem at the Australian Hi-Fi Show.

Kyron will be displaying its Kronos system powered by the latest Halcro Eclipse amplifiers, giving show visitors the chance to be first in the world to hear one of the greatest-ever collaborations in high-end audio. The full system is worth in excess of $360,000, so you really won't want to miss this one.

Leon Suter, chief systems architect at Kyron, is excited about the collaboration of the two Adelaide-based brands at the upcoming show: "The measurements and technical brilliance of the products cannot be overstated, however it’s the music that flows from these amplifiers which is at another level. The synergy between the two companies and our products are undeniable and we are excited to offer this iconic Australian amplifier technology to our customers.” Read the full story here.

Where? First Floor - Farm Cove Room

Website: &
Facebook: &
Instagram: &

Magenta Audio

Brands represented by Magenta Audio:
PS Audio
Prima Luna
Moonriver Audio
Lindemann Audio

What's on display
The Adelaide Hills-based distributor will be descending on Sydney with kit from some of the most illustrious hi-fi brands available in Australia, including Lindemann streamers, tube and solid-state amplification from Prima Luna and Moonriver Audio, and electronics from PS Audio – tied together by high-end cabling from Cables For Music.

Where? Room 22


March Audio

What's on display
Proudly handbuilt in Albany in Western Australia, March Audio’s range of speakers, amplifiers and cables promise “superb technical performance and sound at modest prices”. Only four years old, the new-kid-on-the-block was born out of owner Alan March’s career-long experience in engineering and passion for hi-fi and has already picked up a Sound+Image award for its P452 power amplifier.

Where? Ground Floor - Lavender Bay Room



What's on display
Aussie importer and distributor Maxmedia will be displaying and demonstrating two highly impressive systems at the show. The first will comprise Avantgarde Acoustic's   G3 Series speakers and innovative Itron active amplification, paired with C.O.S.Engineering's D-10 V2 DAC, and powered by Circle Labs' A200/P300/M200 amplifiers. Schue Analogue's limited-edition Diamond Maxi turntable will head up the system, which will be connected with Maxmedia's Bespoke G6 cables.

The second system will be helmed by Piega's Premium Series speakers and feature Innuous' new Pulse Series streamers, Rekkord turntables and Merason DACS. Lab 12 will provide its Integrie Series tube amps and phono stage, as well as its Connection Series cables. Racks and supports will be from Thixar and BFLY. 

Where? Room 14, 15


Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment

Brands represented by Mcleans

What's on display
Having opened in 1982 what was then one of Australia's first ‘audio visual’ home entertainment stores, located in The Entrance, NSW, Bill and Margaret Mclean of Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment now run a well-stocked, Central Coast-based retailer as well as exclusively distributing a handful of brands in Australia, including Magnepan. This Minnesota speaker brand will be bringing some of its full-range quasi-ribbon speakers down to Sydney to give show visitors a taste of what its distinct-looking, cloth-covered panel speakers can really do.

Where? Room 9


National AV Solutions

Brands represented by National AV Solutions
Torus Power
Wisdom Audio

What's on display
NAVS will be armed with two systems that are making their first show outings. The first is a two-channel system by GoldenEar and Parasound that is not only handsome but also shows off both brands' prowess in their respective amplification and speaker fields. The Parasound Hint 6 integrated amp will be driving GoldenEar's BRX (Bookshelf Reference X) – a compact, high-performance bookshelf speaker beautifully finished in a hand-rubbed piano black lacquer – with its SuperSub X subwoofer. 

And the second comprises a Wisdom Audio L75 Line stereo speaker system, which employs a 48-inch planar magnetic line array to reproduce everything above 275Hz, and four 6-inch woofers to tackle everything below. Power comes from the Wisdom SA3 DSP amps and a Parasound P6 preamp.

Also distributed by National AV Solutions, Torus Power will also be demonstrating what benefits its Toroidal Isolation Power Transformers can bring to high-end systems.

Where? Room 3


OAD Ultrafidelity

What's on display
Relative new kid on the block OAD Ultrafidelity will be heading from its home quarters in Melbourne to the Sydney show armed with its latest trio of components. There's the UP1 phono amplifier, which the Australian company says faithfully reproduces "vinyl recordings in a way that has never before been available at this price point"; the Padma preamplifier, which builds on the previous CP1 model while reducing the noise level by a further 30 per cent; and the Vajra power amplifier, the Padma's ideal partner in crime. 

The show will also give visitors a chance to see the Aussie company's 'open baffle' dipole speakers which, without box enclosures and featuring patented technology, are unlike any other speaker on the market. With a customized full-range driver of "the highest quality", an 18-inch woofer and a two-way crossover for "perfect phase and near flat amplitude response" they're bound to sound unique.

Where? Room 20



What's on display
One of Australia’s oldest loudspeaker manufacturers, having been founded in 1986 by Ralph Waters, Richter is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year (and has new Special Edition Black versions of select speakers to commemorate it). It’s a national favourite in the hi-fi and home cinema speaker and subwoofer market and winner of several Sound+Image awards, so a Richter demonstration is never to be missed.

Where? Room 19



What's on display
Sennheiser Consumer Division, represented by Sonova, will be doing its utmost to show visitors just how cinematic a soundbar in front of a telly can really be with a demo of its celebrated AMBEO MAX and AMBEO PLUS soundbars and subwoofers. Delivering "the world’s most immersive sound" from single bars, the AMBEOs guarantee that movie nights will never be the same again.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Sennheiser exhibit without some headphones action too, so visitors can look forward to seeing the latest and greatest cans from the audiophile range of one of the most reputable headphones brands there is, from premium in-ears and wired over-ears to the formidable wireless Momentums range.

Where? Rooms 16, 17


Serhan Swift

What's on display
Serhan Swift won’t have to travel far to bless visitors to the show with its speaker expertise. The Sydney-based manufacturer is the brainchild of speaker designer Brad Serhan (who founded Orpheus Loudspeakers in 1984) and engineer Morris Swift, who, with 100 years of combined experience, has produced its acclaimed ‘mu’ speakers. The Greek letter ‘mu’ (pronounced "mew") is used in science and engineering to mean "micro" or one millionth and here signifies a deceptively small speaker whose size belies its big sound.

Where? Room 10


Sound and Music/Perreaux Audio

Brands represented by Sound and Music/Perreaux Audio
Dutch & Dutch
GeerFab Audio

What's on display
Perreaux is offering not one but two demos at the show, plus a very exciting product launch. ‘The Black Room’ will house its 200-watt 200iX BLACK integrated amplifier and model-up 300-watt 300iX BLACK, paired with the company’s SR58 loudspeakers and those from Amphion too. It will also host the launch of Perreaux’s hugely versatile VP4 phono pre-amplifier, which is also one of the show prizes. Meanwhile, the ‘The Colour Room’ will exhibit the ‘standard’ variants of the amps, powering Amphion speakers.

Where? Lower Ground Floor - Shell Cove Room & Spring Cove Room


Sound United

Brands represented by Sound United
Bowers & Wilkins
Definitive Technology

What's on display
With an arsenal of audio brands in its prolific catalogue, Sound United will be descending on Sydney with the latest and greatest hi-fi and home cinema kit spanning a range of applications and budgets. Expect classic Denon and Marantz electronics, speakers by Polk Audio and Definitive Technology (Bowers & Wilkins will occupy room 12), and much more besides.

Where? Level 1 - Port Jackson Room



Brands represented by Stereotech/Audiofix
EAR Yoshino
Exposure Electronics
Straightwire Cables

What's on display
Stereotech will be demonstrating the new Dellichord FR6 loudspeakers. A new Australian-made affordable high-end standmounter, offering a big enjoyable and natural sound made possible by the use of isobaric technology. Dellichord loudspeakers are crafted in Stereotech's own advanced CNC routing and assembling facility located in Brisbane. The facility manufactures a large range of Stereotech acoustic treatments, speaker stands and HiFi equipment racks. 

Audiofix will be demonstrating three of the products they distribute throughout Australia including the highly regarded Exposure Electronics and the legendary EAR Yoshino designed by Tim de Paravacini both from the UK. Connections will be courtesy of Straight Wire cables from the USA. Come and take a listen and be amazed at how good an entirely sensible investment in audio gear can sound.

Where? Room 8


Synergy Audio Visual

Brands represented by Synergy Audio Visual
Sonus Faber
Chord Company
Cambridge Audio
Ruark Audio
Mobile Fidelity

What's on display
Synergy’s rooms are where you’ll slip into for a healthy dose of both quantity and quality, with the prolific distributor not short of world-renowned brands. Room 7 will accommodate a system featuring Sonus faber, McIntosh Laboratories, Chord Company, Rega and Quadraspire, while room 23 will parade kit from Cambridge Audio, ELAC, REL Acoustics, Ruark Audio and Mobile Fidelity.

Where? Room 7, 23


Synchronised Technologies

Brands represented by Synchronised Technologies

What's on display
The Australian distributor for beyerdynamic, will be at the show armed with beyerdynamic headphones from the German brand's diverse, budget-spanning catalogue. Expect a range of head-fi demonstrations to be available on everything from beyerdynamic's more affordable DT and Edition Series over-ears to its flagship XELENTO, Amiron and T Series models.

Where? Near reception, Level 1


Wavetrain Cinemas

Brands represented by Wavetrain Cinemas
Elementi Audio

What's on display
For over a year, home cinema fit-out specialist Wavetrain Cinemas has used Elementi Audio as its exclusive high-end solution for its install projects. Elemeni is a digital active speaker designed specifically for custom home cinema use and is bound to shake the demo room with its ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’ speaker ranges, ‘Earth’ subwoofers and ‘Water’ Dolby Atmos speakers, which are driven by external power amplifier components designed to be mounted against the cinema walls, adjacent to the speakers.

Where? Ground Floor - Watsons Bay Room


Yamaha Music

What's on display
Household hi-fi name Yamaha will have no shortage of high-end products to water visitors’ eyes with. The Japanese heavyweight will undoubtedly be keen to demonstrate its forthcoming generation of components from its 2000 Series, alongside the even more esteemed members from its flagship 5000 Series. You will even have the chance to register for a private listening session of the planar magnetic headphones YH-5000SE in room 24 (details to follow).

Where? Rooms 4, 5


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