Australian Hi-Fi Supersystem to debut at the Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023

Australian Hi-Fi Show
(Image credit: Kyron/Halcro)

Two of Australia’s highest hi-fi brands are joining forces to present an unprecedented hi-fi supersystem at the Australian Hi-Fi Show in Sydney next April.

Kyron will be displaying its Kronos system powered by the latest Halcro Eclipse amplifiers, giving show visitors the chance to be first in the world to hear one of the greatest ever collaborations in high-end audio. The full system is worth in excess of $360,000.

The parallels between these two high-end Australian brands are remarkable. Both Kyron and Halcro are based in Adelaide, and both hold a dedication to achieving ultra-low distortion and negligable phase errors. They share the desire to deliver an organic-sounding musicality, with aligned philosophies and goals.


(Image credit: Halcro)

Adelaide-based Halcro burst onto the international scene in 2000 with their breakthrough amplifier technology, winning nothing short of adulation among hi-fi cognoscenti, along with awards across the globe. 

Halcro’s head designer, physicist Bruce Candy set out to eliminate the distortions and errors present in traditional amplifier circuits, creating an amplifier so pure and free of coloration that it leapt the previous state-of-the-art and remains an unprecedented performer to this day with what many believe to be the best amplifier available anywhere at any price. 

Their latest Eclipse amplifiers see Halcro once again championed as the best amplifier manufacturer on the planet.

Australian Hi-Fi Show

(Image credit: Kyron/Halcro)

Kyron was founded in 2001 by two professional musicians who were at the time working for the Royal Australian Air Force band. Like the Halcro designers, Kyron’s Leon Suter and Lee Gray were frustrated by the distortions and errors present in the current state of the art. The quest for a better loudspeaker led to the examination of open baffle loudspeaker design, or “box less” speakers.

Kyron also realised the importance of considering the loudspeaker as part of a complete system, including the room. A Kyron system uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology from DEQX, which was designed to overcome many of the errors and distortion producing flaws in traditional loudspeakers, while the acoustic radiation pattern in a Kyron system is far more uniform across the entire audio spectrum than other designs, and being more directional, gives the listener more sound of the recording, and far less contribution from the room.

Australian Hi-fi Show

(Image credit: Kyron/Halcro)

Leon Suter, Chief Systems Architect at Kyron, is excited about the collaboration at the upcoming Australian Hi-Fi Show.

“The latest designs from Halcro are a perfect fit for Kyron,” he says. “The measurements and technical brilliance of the products cannot be overstated, however it’s the music that flows from these amplifiers which is at another level. The synergy between the two companies and our products are undeniable and we are excited to offer this iconic Australian amplifier technology to our customers.”

The Australian Hi-Fi Show runs from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April 2023 at the Novotel Sydney Central hotel in Sydney. Full details, room listings and ticket links can be found here.

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