Audioengine W2
Audioengine has added the W2 to its arsenal of wireless MP3 products, allowing you to simply and effectively connect your iPod to your stereo

Here's an easy way to send your iPod's tunes to your home hi-fi system. Audioengine's new W2 wireless adaptor slots in to your iPod then talks wirelessly to a receiver connected to your hi-fi – hey presto, you have wireless control of all your music.

Joining the company's W1 unit, which provided connection to your tunes via a USB or 3.5mm minijack, the W2 offers a dedicated iPod connection.

There's no need to connect to a wireless network or do any pairing between devices, the sender and receiver simply talk to each other straight out of the box – you don't need batteries either.

The W2 uses 'uncompressed CD-quality transmission technology... a wi-fi-based all-digital PCM encoded stream sent over a closed network', which also includes some error connection technology.

Extra receivers can also be added to more than one music system giving you a basic multiroom system that's entirely controlled from your iPod.

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The Audioengine W2 is available now for £120.