ATC unveils premium stereo amplifier and CD player pair

ATC might be better known for its stereo speakers, but the company has been known to dip its toe into the world of hi-fi electronics now and then.

Its latest offerings take the shape of CD2 CD player and SIA2-100 stereo amplifier.

They're both heavy duty and heavily damped machines - each one features a 12mm aluminium front panel which is finished in brushed and anodised 'titanium' silver.

The CD2 uses a TEAC 5020A-AT transport, an AKM DAC and combines them with ATC's own low-noise multiple feedback analogue filter. You can pick between the player's unbalanced phono and balanced XLR outputs and also have the option of using its digital optical or coaxial outputs with an external DAC...

Such as the one found in the matching SIA2-100 stereo amp. Like the CD player, the amp is a two-thirds width design yet still manages to squeeze in a wide selection of connections, including two pairs of analogue inputs, a 3.5mm input and trio of digital inputs - optical, coaxial and USB Type B.

The USB input can handle a wide range of sample rates up to and including 32-bit/384kHz and DSD128.

Total power is 200W (into 8 ohms) and the amp uses separate power supplies for the SIA2-100's pre-amplifier and power amplifier sections to reduce cross-talk and distortion.

There's also a Class A headphone amplifier built-in, which comes complete with a 6.35mm headphone jack.

A button on the front of the ATC allows you to cycle through inputs while the amp's volume control uses a high-quality Alps potentiometer.

The ATC separates don't officially go on sale until April, but you'll be able to hear them at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show, which starts next Friday, the 22nd February.


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