The Zygote has been made in collaboration between Norwegian-based Audiomoda and British car maker Aston Martin to deliver 240 watts of audio power in a stylish body.

We're more used to car audio referring to in-car systems but now Aston Martin is aiming to bring some of its auto knowhow straight to the audio market with the new Zygote wireless speaker. 

The two-foot wide speaker, which loosely resembles a car wing mirror, aims to deliver an “unparalleled and extremely powerful sound performance”. 

There are analogue and digital connections - USB, RCA and digital coaxial - as well as Apple AirPlay, DLNA and wi-fi direct. A compatible control app for Android and iOS devices affords you basic control and access to some audio settings. 

The speaker features Class D amplifiers that kick out 240 watts, alongside Audiomoda’s DSP platform, which claims to adjust audio settings according to your room. 

The Zygote will come in three 'official Aston Martin colours': morning frost white, Madagascar orange and onyx black. 

All that audio technology and styling doesn’t come cheap though - the Aston Martin Zygote will set you back £2500. Find out more on the Audiomoda website.

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Audio_ELF's picture

Not the first car

Not the first car manufacturer / audio manufacturer link up... Meridian's F80 was made in collaboration with Ferarri.  And who can forget Tag Maclaren's efforts?

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Unfortunately Aston Martin is

Unfortunately Aston Martin is mostly about outer design these days, no longer class leading in any other way. Perhaps this speaker is aimed at people who think they are getting a top notch product but in reality it's anything but.

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I look forward to the Morris Marina and Vauxhall Chevette models...