There was no mention of Apple Music coming to Sonos at the Apple launch event but the official word from Sonos appears to put the ball in Apple's court.

Naturally the Apple Music launch event focused on the availability of Apple Music on iOS devices, with the release date set for 30th June.

There was also confirmation of an Apple Music Android app, which is slated for an Autumn 2015 launch, some time after Apple Music goes live on iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs.

But what of other devices? Sonos is the most popular multi-room music proposition and makes a big play of its exhaustive list of supported services, so what about Apple Music?

The @SonosSupport social media account has gone in to overdrive and from numerous tweets it seems the official line is: "[Apple Music] will not be available at launch, we'd love to bring the service to Sonos when Apple is ready."

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A similar message has also been posted on the Ask Sonos forums section of the Sonos website by an official Sonos representative, who also added a note of excitement: "We won’t have the service available at launch, but we’re excited about what Apple Music promises for the future of music. We look forward to bringing the service to Sonos when Apple is ready."

There was no mention of any non-Apple device support at the launch event, Android app aside, so we'd expect Sonos to be fairly high-up the pecking order as and when Apple Music goes live on other hardware.

Sonos CEO, John MacFarlane, told the FT last month that Sonos wanted "to be the first partner [Apple] talks to" after Apple launched its streaming service. We'll have to wait and see whether that was the case...

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Graham Luke's picture

Get it right, Apple...

Apple seems more than happy to push out half-baked works-in-progress; look at the various phones that have been plagued with glitches or poor build and finish quality. The same goes for the OS.

I have an iPhone 5 which I am still using but it's not the phone I originally bought; the original went back to the store within months due to malfunction and I was offered a new replacement on the spot.

I went on to open SIX packages till I found a phone that was NOT scratched or gouged. The staff could not believe it, nevertheless they acknowledged the appalling quality of the un-boxed brand new devices.

Seventh time lucky, eh...?



bristolmcbride's picture

apple poor build and full of glitches?

I was about to write an in depth reply but its occured to me you are trolling. 

Graham Luke's picture


Why on earth would I be trolling?

This is my experience of Apple. I happen to love my Apple products which include an iPod, iPad and iPhone but I find aspects of their MO to be infuriating. I know I am not alone in that respect. 

You think I made up the seven phones? The issue of poorly finished iPhone 5's with gouges and scratches on the exterior and loose batteries rattling inside was notorious at the time; quality control went out the window in the haste to manufacture enough product and considering the premium price of the device, it was a disgrace.



psxguru's picture

Hey Sonos, just Airplay support would be a start

and would be enough for most people!