Apple iTunes streaming set for WWDC launch in June

At least, that’s according to The site says “music industry sources briefed on the launch timeline” have said Apple will now wait until June to launch its new service.

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It’s reported that the delay is down to a number of factors, including the fact that Beats executive Bobby Gaza has left Apple in recent weeks.

Apple has also apparently had issues integrating Beats' technology resources into the company.

With the release of the streaming service, Apple is expected to launch its first entirely in-house Android application. It’s claimed there have been difficulties with this too, and as a result, Apple has recently advertised for Android developers.

But Apple is still hoping to bundle the streaming service with its iOS 8.4 update, which would come after WWDC, though a final decision hasn’t been made. The next best option would be to release it with a full iOS 9 update in the autumn.

The service will also make its way into iTunes on Mac and PC, and also on to the Apple TV, replacing the current Beats channel.

And as for the Apple TV box itself, Apple is apparently working on a new, slimmer model with a redesigned operating system.

Apple is reportedly in talks with HBO to bring the HBO Now on demand service to the Apple TV box, in time for the new series of Game of Thrones.

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