Android TV 12 will arrive later this year, Google says

Android TV 12 will arrive later this year, Google says
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The next version of Android TV is due to arrive later this year, Google has announced. Late last year, Google sent a version to developers for app-development purposes. Now, in a blog post – spotted by FlatpanelsHD – it's given an update on some of the new features.

The features detailed in the blog post were already known, but this provides a bit more detail.

For example, refresh rate switching. We already knew that Android TV 12 would support variable refresh rates, but this post explains to developers how to request the desired frame rate.

A new accessibility options menu is also on the cards, which will let the viewer adjust the size of on-screen text for easier legibility.

It's unclear exactly which TVs will run Android 12 straight out of the box. Google TV / Android TV sets for 2022 from Sony, Philips and TCL will run either version 10 or 11, these companies have confirmed. It's also unclear exactly when Android 12 will land – an earlier version of the blog mistakenly said the new version would start appearing on TVs "early this year" (as revealed by an amendment at the end), but that has since been corrected to "later this year".

It's not just TVs that will run the new software. It will also come to streaming devices at some point, though Google hasn't said when. The firm is rumoured to be working on a new Chromecast to follow the excellent Google Chromecast with Google TV that landed in 2020. Looks like a busy year ahead.


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