Action and horror collide in FEAR 2

F.E.A.R.2 Project Origin, with it’s unwieldy title and murky, j-horror stylings would almost feel like a drag to review after the glorious high def, surround sound presentation that was Killzone 2, but where Killzone packed only half the plot into double the game, FEAR 2 instantly shines thanks to it’s carefully crafted atmosphere and the variety of challenging gameplay.

The difficulty level is tweaked from the previous version, with enemy the AI now smart enough to let off the occasional instant-kill headshot, adding genuine tension to your attempts to survive through a cinematically lit city and gloomy tunnels. The action varies from sneaking and sniping to traditional corridor fighting, with a bit of giant robot brawling thrown in as well, and while the action part of action-horror is well catered for, the horror side also has more to offer than just level design inspired by an abattoir floor, as the terrifying ghost-girl Alma comes complete with creepy sound effects, spooky lighting and a bad habit of making you leap out of your skin at unexpected moments.

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