Hear Acoustic Energy's new Corinium floorstanding speakers at the Bristol Show

Acoustic Energy Corinium Floorstanding Speaker next to a plant and a chair in a listening room
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UPDATE 20/02/2024: Acoustic Energy's latest Corinium floorstanding speakers will make their debut at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show this weekend, 23rd - 25th February 2024. The Corinium speakers were launched late last year, but this will be the first time UK showgoers will be able to see – and hear – the new floorstanders in action. Head to The Concorde Suite on the lower ground floor of the Delta Hotels Marriott Bristol City Centre (home to the Bristol Show) and you'll be treated to a first listen of these speakers.

The Corinium speakers are the result of a three-year project by Acoustic Energy's in-house design team and aims to deliver a new level of performance for high-end speakers, costing £6000 per pair.

ORIGINAL STORY 19/10/2023: Acoustic Energy has announced a new premium floorstanding speaker, Corinium, claiming it is the company’s most significant loudspeaker yet. 

The speaker was designed with the aim of being an optimal middle-sized floorstander, with mid and high-frequency drivers positioned roughly at ear height working with a dual-subwoofer section further down the cabinet.

Acoustic Energy says this configuration brings a blend of what both standmounts and floorstanding loudspeakers excel at – providing great dynamics and expression while driving larger spaces than a traditional floorstander is capable of.

Based in Cirencester in the Cotswolds since 1995, Acoustic Energy wanted to pay respect to the Roman history of the town. It was once the most important town in England outside London, and was named ‘Corinium’. Thus the name was bestowed upon its newest creation.

Acoustic Energy Corinium Floorstanding Speaker

(Image credit: Acoustic Energy)

With a price tag of £6000 per pair, these speakers will be significantly more expensive than our high-end recommendation and this year's Award Winner in the 'over £2500' category, the Spendor A7 speakers. 

We look forward to testing the Corinium floorstanders to see how they compare. Considering the price, high-quality components, and thoughtful driver configuration, we hope to be impressed.

The 29mm tweeter featured in Corinium speakers is made using a new soft-dome material. The 120mm midrange driver and twin 140mm bass drivers are made from carbon fibre cones.

The cabinets have a four-degree tilt, which is said to improve the time alignment of audio for the listener, and are made using a ‘Resonance Suppression Composite’ with a thickness of up to 4.5cm. This, along with the 6mm ultra-rigid aluminium baffle, is said to keep the drivers secure and isolated from any cabinet resonance.

These new units are fairly sizable speakers, with each weighing 40kg and standing tall at 110cm while handling 200w of power at 4 ohms.

Acoustic Energy’s Corinium floorstanders will be available next month and will come in four different cabinet finishes: real wood veneer, matt black, matt white, or metallic British Racing Green.


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