Looking to buy some Ultra HD Blu-rays? Both Amazon and HMV are offering two for £30.

As a new format, 4K Blu-ray commands a premium price tag, with some titles costing up to £30.

So if you're looking to start or grow your 4K collection, the current 2 for 1 deal on both Amazon and HMV is worth investigating.

Both retailers are currently offering a decent selection of discs at 2 for £30.

The titles on offer include big-hitters such as Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the original Ghostbusters and Sicario.

There are a number of titles discounted too, with Oblivion down to £13.49 on Amazon along with The Huntsman: Winter's War. Each title in the original Bourne Trilogy is also down to £14.99.

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Head over to Amazon and HMV to stock up on discs and check out our page that lists all the current and future 4K Blu-rays on sale.

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I'll be the first to swallow

I'll be the first to swallow my words and more if I'm wrong but 4K discs are not going to really take off. You can only stretch the consumer so far.

As broadband improves streaming will be the only viable format going forward, or in a year's time 8k discs will be revealed?